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  • Universal 1220 GSM Nozzle Flex jet2/3 Genesis 49291301
Universal 1220 GSM Nozzle Flex jet2/3 Genesis 49291301

Universal 1220 GSM Nozzle Flex jet2/3 Genesis 49291301

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  • Universal 1220 GSM Nozzle Flex jet2/3 Genesis 49291301
  • USAGE:Universal pick and place machine
  • Product description: Universal 1220 GSM Nozzle Flex jet2/3 Genesis 49291301

Universal 1220 GSM Nozzle Flex jet2/3 Genesis 49291301

Product Specifications:

Applicable models: UNIVERSAL SMT Machine
Universal Lightning .125 Compliant Cup Nozzle (3220) 51305405
Universal Lightning .234 Compliant Cup Nozzle (3240) 51305407
Universal Lightning .340 Compliant Cup Nozzle (3260) 49783207
Universal Lightning 042 Steel Conical Nozzle (3420) 51305401
Universal Lightning 042MF Melf Nozzle (3320) 49783226
Universal Lightning 0603 Compliant Nozzle (3530) 51305402
Universal Lightning 0805 Compliant Nozzle (3540) 51305403
Universal Lightning 0805 Steel Conical Nozzle (3440) 51305411
Universal Lightning 083MF Melf Nozzle (3340) 49783231
Universal Lightning 1206 Compliant Nozzle (3550) 51305404

Universal Flexjet 2/3 .125 Cup Nozzle (1220) 51305301
Universal Flexjet 2/3 .234 Cup Nozzle (1240) 51305302
Universal Flexjet 2/3 .340 Cup Nozzle (1260) 51305303
Universal Flexjet 2/3 0402 Ceramic Nozzle (1040) 51305309
Universal Flexjet 2/3 042MF Melf Nozzle (1320) 51305307
Universal Flexjet 2/3 0603 Ceramic Nozzle (1060) 51305310
Universal Flexjet 2/3 083MF Melf Nozzle (1340) 51305306
Universal Flexjet 2/3 08MPF Multi-Port Nozzle (1120) 51305305
Universal Flexjet 2/3 10MPF Multi-Port Nozzle (1140) 51305325

UNIVERSAL Nozzle List:
45466933  GSM 120F
5130510X  GSM 120F
45466916  GSM 125F
51305101  GSM 125F
45466921  GSM 160F
45466931  GSM 234F
52305102  GSM 234F
45466934  GSM 340F
45466934E  GSM 340F
45466917  GSM 360F
45466938  GSM 08MPF
51305106  GSM 08MPF
45466936  GSM 10MPF
51305105  GSM 10MPF
45466901  GSM 042F
45466902  GSM 058F
46514098  GSM 095F
45466903  GSM 109F
45466907  GSM 083F
45466937  GSM 10MF
46512202  GSM SLOT
46512203  GSM SLOT
46512208  GSM SLOT
46512215  GSM SLOT
46512217  GSM SLOT
46512219  GSM SLOT
46512222  GSM SLOT
46424429  GSM 360F
46424465  GSM 1.0” PIPE
49079056  GSM SPECIAL
48503503  GSM FLEXJET 120F
5130520X  GSM FLEXJET 120F
47561102/ 48503416  GSM FLEXJET 125F
51305206  GSM FLEXJET 125F
47995077  GSM FLEXJET 160F
47561103/ 48503417  GSM FLEXJET 234F
51305201  GSM FLEXJET 234F
47561104/ 48503407  GSM FLEXJET 340F
51305202  GSM FLEXJET 340F
48503408  GSM FLEXJET 360F
47561106  GSM FLEXJET 08MPF
48503420  GSM FLEXJET 08MPF
47561101  GSM FLEXJET 10MPF
48503410  GSM FLEXJET 10MPF
47561110  GSM FLEXJET  042MF
47995032/ 48503415  GSM FLEXJET 083MF
47995048  GSM FLEXJET 058F
49960281  GSM FLEXJET 058C
47995064  GSM FLEXJET 095C
48316004  GSM FLEXJET 072C
47561117  GSM FLEXJET 603F
48503412  GSM FLEXJET  603F
47561118  GSM FLEXJET  402F
48503413  GSM FLEXJET  402F (ESD)
51234109  LIGHTNING HEAD  0603 (3430)
51305402  LIGHTNING HEAD  0603 (3530)
51305403  LIGHTNING HEAD  0805 (3540)
51305404  LIGHTNING HEAD  1206 (3550)
51305405  LIGHTNING HEAD  125F (3220)
51305407  LIGHTNING HEAD 234F (3240)
51305409  LIGHTNING HEAD  042MF (3320)
51305410  LIGHTNING HEAD  083MF (3340)
51305411  LIGHTNING HEAD 805 (3440)
51305412  LIGHTNING HEAD 1206 (3450)
51305301  FLEXJET 2/3  125F (1220)
51305302  FLEXJET 2/3  234F (1240)
51305303  FLEXJET 2/3

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1) This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?
There is English manual or guide video that show you how to use machine.
If you still have any question, please contact us by e-mail/ skype/ phone/ wechat online service.
2) If machine have any problem after I receive it, how can I do ?
Free parts send to you in machine warranty period.
If the part is less than 0.5KG, we pay the postage.
If it exceeds 0.5KG, you need to pay the postage.
3) MOQ ?
1 set machine, mixed order is also welcomed.
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A. Consult us about this product on line or by e-mail.
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