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  • Panasonic DT401 CM402 Theta-Axis Motor N510042740AA P50BA2002BXS3C
Panasonic DT401 CM402 Theta-Axis Motor N510042740AA P50BA2002BXS3C

Panasonic DT401 CM402 Theta-Axis Motor N510042740AA P50BA2002BXS3C

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  • Panasonic DT401 CM402 Theta-Axis Motor N510042740AA P50BA2002BXS3C
  • USAGE:Panasonic pick and place machine
  • Product description: Panasonic DT401 CM402 Theta-Axis Motor N510042740AA P50BA2002BXS3C

Panasonic DT401 CM402 Theta-Axis Motor N510042740AA P50BA2002BXS3C

Product Specifications:

Panasonic servo Motor :
Panasonic CM402 Motor N510048981AA
Panasonic CM402 Motor N510048142AA
Panasonic CM402 Servo Motor N510042738AA
Panasonic CM402 Servo Motor KXF0E1LXA00
Panasonic CM402/CM602 Z Motor N510042737AA
Panasonic CM402/CM602 Feeder Motor N510043555AA
Panasonic CM602 Motor N510008188AA
Panasonic CM602/NPM Z Motor N510055635AA

Panasonic NPM Motor N510042809AD
Panasonic NPM Motor N510040809AB
Panasonic NPM Motor N510043455AA
Panasonic NPM Z Motor N510043454AA
Panasonic NPM Z Motor N510043456AA

Panasonic DT401/CM402 Z Motor N510042739AA
Panasonic DT401/CM402 Motor N510042740AA/KXF0DGEAA00
FLASON SMT CAN PROVIDE other panasonic smt parts :
X00B04006 X00B04007 X00B04008 X00B04105A X00B04106 X00B04107
X01L51017H1 X01L51051H1 X01L51052H1 X01L51053H1 X01L51054H1
X01L51055H1 X01L51101H1 X01L51102H1 X01L51103H1 X01L51104H1
X01L5201101 X01A5205505 X02G51101 X02G51102 X02G51103
X02G51111 X02G51112 X02G51411

N2100130983AB N2100130982AB N210055830AA N210055882AA
N210055883AA N210056251AA N210056708AA N210056710AA
N210056711AA N210060115AA N210060116AA N210060117AA
N210063716AA N210063720AA N210066470AB N210066471AB

N310P921 N310P921B N310P921S1 N310P921SA N310P921SA1 N310P937P N322CCP8-385

N348TF7 N401CDQ2-A18 N401CDQS-D76 N401CJPD-C43 N401CY1B-360 N401D-A73 N401DF9NV

N406AS12-011 N414MF100 N4210400-048 N431KJH04M5 N431KQL06M5 N431KQZC-183

N431KXH0601S N431LS0425 N431M3ALU4 N431M5H4 N431M5J N434YYYY-003 N4354UHK

N437FWM1-032 N437RB0806 N45200469 N45213242 N491CR8 N491VP10185

N50022RF-016 N50022RF-017 N510001936AA N510002467AA N510003227AA N510003302AA

N510004606AA N510014015AA N510015338AA N510016065AA N510017244AA N510017613AA

N510018104AA N510018123AA N510018279 N510018361AA N510020582AA N510020617AA

N510020629AA N510020647AA N510021316AA N510022040AA N510022566AA N510023074AA

N510024741AA N510024845AA N510030621AA N510034942AA N510035005AA N510036372AA

N510037899AA N510038144AA N510038147AA N510038166AA N510038167AA N510040570AA

N510041171AA N510041172AA N510041682AA N510044533AA N510055978AA N5132RSR-254

N5132RSR-255 N5132RSR-697 N5132RSR-A63 N51351WA4 N513LRXD-984 N513RSH9-659

N513RSH9-695 N513RSR-583 N513RSR7-263

N52054B1-055 N52080B1810 N52080F0805 N520LFZB66 N520MB03040U N520SPB1-067

N521PHS8 N531CF3A N531CFN5RA N531NART-016 N531NART-060 N5320FS6V N532NART-017

N533LBMF-025 N533N0S4TL N534P0S8R N534POS12 N534POS8L N540MB0403 N540MB0610PU

N540MB08120 N540MB1020DU N540MB1220DU N5541AG60N N554C00516AA N554C00545A

N554C03835A N555MYA10 N555MYA12 N555MYA14 N555MYA5 N555MYA6

N610016680AA N610016682AA N610026103AA N610052034AA N610052036AA N610071334AA

N610082092AA N610082093AA N610082094AA N610113363AA N610115312AA N610123572

N610134299AA N610135836AA N610136060AA N61013817AA N610143498AC N6411953GT6

N6412253GT6 N641250S-430 N6413003GT6 N6413153GT6 N6413243GT6 N6414005GT15

N6414205GT20 N6414405GT30 N6414505M30 N6415005GT20 N6415005GT25 N6415505M25

N641550GT25 N6418705GT15 N641A1915 N641A1943 N641A2305 N641A2715 N641F08W1545

N641F2313 N641F2843 N644ACRM-027 N644N1319 N648413VZZ N648C912019 N648MB019000

N648MB022000 N648MB023000 N648MB025000 N648MB035000 N648VFL7055 N9353Y50

N980A1741 N980B11001 N982THA3878 N982TM5737 N9841K3020 N984BSTB N9865167

N986A205-075 N986A408175 N986BN48-T31 N986CLBP839 N986DC575 N986FSM30

N986K992-L94 N986MK3Y-006 N986MMS410 N986MMS411 N986MS1015 N986MS515

N986MSB525 N986NKPM5B N986RFN630 N986YYYY-161 N986YYYY-430 N990PANA-027 NTZ63180

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1. SMT equipment and accessories: nozzles, feeder, feeder parts, cutter, filter, guide, tape, mortor, belt, cylinder, smt grease/lubricant, sensor etc.
2. Nozzles & feeders for fuji, for Juki, for yamaha, for samsung, for siemens, CM602, CM402...have large stock.
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A. Own a team with engineers who have more than 10 years experience in SMT service.
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1) This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?
There is English manual or guide video that show you how to use machine.
If you still have any question, please contact us by e-mail/ skype/ phone/ wechat online service.
2) If machine have any problem after I receive it, how can I do ?
Free parts send to you in machine warranty period.
If the part is less than 0.5KG, we pay the postage.
If it exceeds 0.5KG, you need to pay the postage.
3) MOQ ?
1 set machine, mixed order is also welcomed.
4) How can I buy this machine from you? ( Very easy and flexible !)
A. Consult us about this product on line or by e-mail.
B. Negotiate and confirm the final price , shipping , payment methods and other terms.
C. Send you the proforma invoice and confirm your order.
D. Make the payment according to the method put on proforma invoice.
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